At the same time, leading several groups of photographers has been an enriching experience for me as I enjoyed the social discussions, gained personal photographic growth as well as aesthetic techniques.

For several years I have taught regularly what is called “Discussions on Photographic Images” at the University of Nantes.

With news photography, I delight in discovering the multiple facets of man and his struggles through life. I enjoy the contact with our contemporary human beings in their essential activities as I capture their behavior and emotions. This quest still remains strong in my life.

For a while now my eye has been lingering on the environment - on the landscapes - that I strive to convey through simplicity and deprivation. I also attempt to translate via photography the natural elements that I observed closely for the sake of aesthetics.

My work remains faithful to the use of the “argentique” (not digital) technology which greater fulfills my sensitivity even though I do not disdain from time to time the use of digital technology.

Roger Coutin

Photographic background:

After an early initiation around the age of 12, I seriously tackled photography in 1968 while I dwelt in Morocco

From the very beginning, my inclination leaned toward news photography (black and white as well as color photographs). Soon, two means came forth: black and white exhibitions and the creation of audiovisual slide-shows. These two methods allowed me, after leaving Morocco, to visit numerous countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

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